A philologist turns into an iGaming writer: Interview with Irena Ducic from AskGamblers

As she looks to the future, Irena is keen to blend her love for fantasy literature with iGaming, pointing towards innovative horizons for the sector.

The online casino industry has witnessed various professionals entering its domain, bringing many unique skills. An increasing number of experts from diverse backgrounds have realized the potential in this growing field. Among them stands Irena Ducic, an iGaming writer and philologist whose journey has been as intriguing as it is inspiring.

Her transformation from a philologist engrossed in Scandinavian studies to a sought-after content editor in iGaming speaks volumes about her adaptability and prowess. Yet, despite her deep-rooted love for the English language and a detour through the insurance sector, Irena found her calling at AskGamblers. Her leisure activities, a mix of binge-watching shows and indulging in fantasy literature, add layers to her personality and influence her content.

Q1: Irena, your transition from philology to iGaming is fascinating. What spurred this shift
Irena: My passion for language has always been at the forefront. While I cherished studying philology and Scandinavian dialects, the dynamic nature of the iGaming world appealed to me.

The idea of merging my linguistic skills with an evolving industry seemed challenging and invigorating. It presented an opportunity for growth and learning.

Q2: How do your Scandinavian studies influence your current role
Irena: My studies in Scandinavian languages taught me cultural nuances and meticulousness in understanding contexts. While seemingly unrelated, these insights help me craft content that caters to a global audience, ensuring clarity and resonating with diverse player bases in the iGaming sector.

Q3: You’ve had a stint in the insurance industry. How did that experience shape your approach in the iGaming realm
Irena: The insurance industry honed my skills in understanding intricate policies and explaining them in simpler terms. Translating that to iGaming, it’s crucial to demystify complex concepts for players, ensuring they make informed decisions. The underlying theme has always been clarity and transparency.

Q4: Having such a diverse professional background, what challenges did you face when entering the iGaming industry
Irena: While the foundation of content creation remains consistent across sectors, the iGaming industry has its specifics and terminologies. Adapting to these, understanding player perspectives, and staying updated with rapid industry changes were initial challenges I embraced wholeheartedly.

Q5: You have a love for classic literature. Does this influence your writing style or content approach
Irena: Absolutely! Classic literature offers a wealth of narratives, styles, and character developments. While the content differs, the art of storytelling remains pivotal. Drawing inspiration from these literary gems allows me to present iGaming content engagingly while maintaining its essence.

Q6: How has being a content editor at AskGamblers enhanced your understanding of the iGaming world
Irena: At AskGamblers, I’m not just creating content but constantly interacting with a team deeply entrenched in the iGaming ecosystem. Their insights and player feedback have broadened my horizons, enabling a deeper understanding of player needs, preferences, and emerging industry trends.

Q7: How do you think the iGaming industry can benefit from professionals coming from non-traditional backgrounds like yours
Irena: Diversity in backgrounds brings fresh perspectives. Professionals from non-traditional paths can introduce innovative ideas, approaches, and solutions that might not have been previously considered. In the iGaming industry, this could mean better user engagement, more effective communication strategies, or even novel game concepts.

Irena Ducic’s transformative journey from philology to iGaming highlights the rich tapestry of experiences that can shape the online casino industry. Each chapter of her career has added depth to her content creation, making her contributions to AskGamblers invaluable.

As she looks to the future, Irena is keen to blend her love for fantasy literature with iGaming, pointing towards innovative horizons for the sector. Her diverse background enriches her content and promises exciting directions for the ever-evolving world of iGaming.

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