Carillon Miami Wellness Resort launches sleep retreat

Carillon Miami introduces The Restorative Sleep Experience, featuring a Bryte Balance Smart Bed in every luxury apartment, and ommersive sleep well retreat for all guests to achieve better sleep.

MIAMI – Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, home to the largest spa and wellness center on the Eastern Seaboard, announces the launch of the Restorative Sleep Experience by Bryte – every luxury apartment on property is now equipped with the AI-powered Bryte Balance Smart Bed, making it the only property in the world to be fully outfitted with the smart beds.

Carillon Miami has also unveiled The Sleep Well Retreat, a new and immersive multi-day sleep experience designed to provide guests with an array of amenities and effective treatments to elevate their sleep during their time at the resort and beyond. According to the American Sleep Association, sleep issues impact between 50-70 million U.S. adults, and these initiatives will cater to those looking to invest in their sleep health, whether it be falling asleep, staying asleep, or other issues.

The launch of the two sleep health-focused initiatives commemorates the resort’s integrated and innovative approach to wellness. Designed to optimize sleep, the Bryte Balance Smart Bed is capable of making silent, targeted adjustments in firmness within seconds to eliminate pressure imbalances that can disturb a good night’s rest. Guests can personalize comfort on either side of the bed, drift to sleep with one of Bryte’s unique relaxation experiences, and request a copy of their sleep report each morning. Pairing the bed’s capabilities with Carillon Miami’s sleep-centric amenities and services, each guest will achieve better sleep and better health while on property.

The Sleep Well Retreat includes the following:

Four-night stay in a spacious One-Bedroom Luxury Apartment with a Bryte Balance Smart Bed
Daily retreat breakfast and lunch with healthy and vegan-friendly menu options
50-minute Pro Sleep Body Treatment by Comfort Zone: a massage that acts on three different sensorial pathways for profound relaxation utilizing a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay massage therapies, and soft brushes to help induce good, quality sleep
Choice of four Touchless Wellness treatments, all chosen for their effective sleep and meditative benefits
Retreat welcome gift including a wellness journal, beach tote, and Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But Are Too Tired to Ask, a book co-authored by Dr. Rebecca Robbins, a sleep scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine, with takeaways to apply beyond guests’ stay
Unlimited access to 10,000 sq.ft. Technogym fitness center with panoramic ocean views
Access to an additional 75+ group weekly fitness classes
Access to the Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit, one of the country’s most expansive hydrotherapy experiences

Home to a plethora of cutting-edge wellness treatments, guests can also book the Sleep Well Circuit, ideal for those who cannot commit to a multi-day retreat but packed with benefits for those who suffer from insomnia, sleep disorders, or burn out. The circuit includes six touchless wellness treatments—four of which can be chosen by those who book The Sleep Well Retreat, and spans over 2.5 hours and includes V.E.M.I., Salt Float Bath Therapy, BioCharger NG, Spa Wave Sleep Therapy, Somadome and MindSpa—all designed for rejuvenation, relaxation and sleep.

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