Eve Air Mobility held Human-Machine Interface Summit 

Customers provide feedback and guidance on flight deck design and environment.

MELBOURNE, FLA. – Eve Air Mobility recently held its first Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Summit, an event focused to collect customer feedback on the company’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) flight deck environment and interfaces.

Held at the company’s offices in Brazil, Eve’s HMI Summit was developed in collaboration with customers from various locations around the world. Attendees included nearly 20 operators of a diverse range of vehicles including fixed-wing, rotary-wing and drone companies.

Eve’s Engineering and Services and Operations Solutions teams led discussion on a variety of topics ranging from flight controls, avionics, electrical systems, propulsion and interior design. The group also discussed operations manuals and Eve’s agnostic services and operations solutions and Urban ATM offerings.

“As we are reimagining mobility and building our eVTOL, one of our goals is to continually reach out to customers and partners to secure direct feedback from the people who will be operating these aircraft in cities around the world,” said Luiz Valentini, chief technology officer at Eve. “The HMI Summit provided a great forum to not only share Eve’s approach, but to get invaluable feedback from experienced pilots on the interfaces, ergonomics and capabilities that we are designing into the aircraft.”

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