Ryanair agrees new partnership deal with OTA Kiwi.com

Kiwi guarantee no overcharging ffor Ryanair flights / ancillaries.

Following Ryanair’s recent approved partnership with OTA, loveholidays.com, Ryanair announced a new partnership agreement with approved OTA, Kiwi.com, which guarantees that Kiwi will now have direct access to the Ryanair.com website without screenscraping, and Kiwi agree to provide their customers with low Ryanair prices for flights and ancillaries, and will see Kiwi provide the direct accurate customer contact and payment details to Ryanair.

This new approved OTA deal means that Kiwi customers can now buy Ryanair flights/ancillaries at real prices (without mark-ups) via the Kiwi.com website, and Kiwi customers will have direct access to their myRyanair account and will receive all Ryanair flight info directly to their email from Ryanair. Kiwi customers will no longer need to complete Ryanair’s customer verification process which unauthorised OTA Pirates’ customers must continue to do.

In addition to these benefits, this deal also allows customers to enjoy Kiwi virtual interline service which allows customers to book connecting flights, but if they miss their connection flight, Kiwi will reaccommodate passengers free of charge on the next available flight.

Ryanair has long campaigned for all consumers to be protected from OTA Pirate overcharges and pricing scams, and an end to fake customer contact and payment info. This approved OTA partnership with Kiwi demonstrates how OTAs can work with Ryanair in a transparent way that eliminates the need for anti-consumer practices while giving Kiwi.com passengers direct access to Ryanair’s low prices with no overcharges or price scams.

Ryanair’s Dara Brady said: “We are pleased to announce this new approved OTA agreement with Kiwi.com. This is great news for Kiwi customers who will now be able to book Ryanair’s low-price flights, seats, and bags through Kiwi.com with full price transparency, safe in the knowledge that they will receive all important flight info directly from Ryanair and full access to their booking through their myRyanair account.

Ryanair has long campaigned for all consumers to be protected from OTA Pirate overcharges and scams, and to eliminate fake customer contact and payment info being provided to airlines. This new partnership with Kiwi represents a significant step in achieving that protection for all Kiwi customers who will now get access to Ryanair’s low fares and ancillary services with no overcharges, which will enable Kiwi to offer Ryanair’s low prices to all its customers.”

Golan Shaked, Chief Commercial Officer, Kiwi.com said: “The announcement today of the cooperation with Ryanair is a positive one, ending a period of friction that has impacted our customers. It reflects our commitment to establishing relationships with all airlines for the benefit of customers and our long-term business objectives.”

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