CAAS hosts ICAO Air Navigation world event to facilitate global air traffic management implementation

This is a first of its kind global event to facilitate global ATM implementation and enhance aviation safety, efficiency and sustainability, through focused knowledge sharing of mature, tried and tested ATM procedures in a practical manner.

Close to 400 civil aviation authorities, air navigation service providers (ANSPs), international organisations and industry stakeholders from around the world will gather in Singapore from 23 to 27 October 2023 for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Air Navigation World 2023 – Air Traffic Management (ATM) Procedures for Today. Singapore Acting Minister for Transport, Mr Chee Hong Tat will be delivering the welcome speech and Secretary General, ICAO, Mr Juan Carlos Salazar will be delivering the opening remarks for the event.

Organised by the ICAO and hosted by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), the five-day event will feature a series of plenary sessions, technical sessions and workshops that cover the following areas of ATM implementation:

(i) Setting the Scene
The session will provide information on the current global status of ATM performance, and fundamental building blocks to enable tangible performance improvement in the coming years. It will also address change management which is essential in supporting transitions to achieve desired outcomes, involving planning, implementing, and managing changes effectively.

(ii) Implementation, Expectations and Challenges
States, ANSPs and airspace users will share their experience in implementing the ICAO air navigation services procedures and challenges faced.

(iii) Separation Methods and Minima
The sessions will cover various separation methods and minima to improve the sustainability and efficiency of flight operations. It will provide an overview of ICAO provisions and guidance, discuss specific initiatives to improve terminal operations, including wake turbulence separation minima, and consider the implementation of increasingly efficient ICAO separation minima in the en-route phase of flight. The sessions will also review lessons and benefits at locations that have implemented these provisions and procedures.

(iv) ATM Performance Improvement Enablers
The sessions will cover various aspects of ATM operations, including the role of technological enablers such as data link communications, performance-based communication and surveillance, and flight and flow formation for the collaborative environment; ATM concepts such as collaborative air traffic flow management and free route airspace; as well as contingency planning and crisis response. The sessions will also provide hands-on guidance for planning and implementation, as well as an overview of global requirements and procedures.

Mr Han Kok Juan, Director-General of the CAAS said, “Global air travel is expected to grow strongly. To support this, we need to build capacity not only on the ground but also in the skies, to be able to manage a higher volume of air traffic safely, efficiently and sustainably. The ICAO Air Navigation World is a first of its kind global event bringing together all key stakeholders to discuss how global air traffic management can be implemented in a more coordinated and timely manner to achieve this. Singapore is honoured to be chosen by ICAO to help convene this important event.”

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