Dos and don’ts of Egypt

This article aims to offer you crucial information that you must consider before traveling to Egypt,

If you are considering traveling to Egypt for any reason, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some valuable Egypt Travel Tips and tricks. These useful instructions will not only enhance your experience and ensure a memorable vacation but also help you avoid any potential pitfalls. It’s important to remember that each country has its unique culture and traditions, and Egypt is no exception. By understanding the customs and norms of this beautiful destination, you can fully immerse yourself in its wonders during your Egypt Tours or while exploring the various Egypt Tour Packages available. As a stranger or visitor to a specific community, it is important for you to show respect for the culture of the society you are visiting. This can be achieved by adhering to all the rules and traditions of the land you are visiting, which will help establish a positive and friendly relationship with the residents of that area.

This article aims to offer you crucial information that you must consider before traveling to Egypt, whether it’s for a vacation or any other purpose. Our focus is solely on Egypt, and we have provided tips and guidelines that will serve as a helpful reference. You will be enlightened on the appropriate actions to take and those to avoid while in Egypt. By being aware of these must-know dos and don’ts, you can fully enjoy your time in Egypt without missing out on any of the fun. Keep reading to discover some of the most important recommendations and the best travel advice for your trip to Egypt.


Show respect for the archaeological structures
Egypt is a renowned country, largely due to its numerous exceptional and exquisite archaeological structures. These structures play a vital role in Egypt’s tourism industry, serving as a significant source of revenue. Therefore, when visiting Egypt, it is crucial to bear in mind the importance of these archaeological marvels. As the first tip for traveling to Egypt, it is essential to treat these structures with utmost respect and care. Avoid defacing, inscribing, or causing any permanent damage to them. Handle them delicately and respectfully, and simply appreciate them from a distance.
Dress appropriately
With over 85% of the Egyptian population being Muslim, it is important to consider this cultural aspect when traveling to Egypt. While there are no strict dress codes or limitations in Egypt, it is advisable to dress modestly as you explore the streets of the country. Thus, the second travel tip for Egypt is to avoid wearing revealing clothes, especially for women, as it may attract unwanted attention or elicit negative reactions from the locals. Men should also dress appropriately. In general, choose attire that is comfortable for you and respectful towards the local culture.
Prepare for the hot climate
Similar to other countries in Northern Africa, Egypt experiences a predominantly hot climate. The temperatures along the Nile River are generally moderate, characterized by abundant sunshine and infrequent rainfall. However, the desert regions can be considerably hotter. Therefore, as you plan your trip to Egypt, the third travel tip is to come prepared for the heat. Ensure you bring sunscreen to protect your skin and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


Avoid inappropriate use of your camera
While it’s natural to want to capture the best moments of our lives, it’s important to respect the rules and customs of the places we visit. Make sure to only take pictures of areas or objects that you have permission to photograph. If you want to take pictures of people or their property, always ask for their consent first. Taking pictures without permission can be disrespectful and may lead to embarrassment or insults. Use your gadgets responsibly and be mindful of others.
Refrain from interacting with street animals
Unless you have all the necessary vaccines and are not afraid of potential bites or attacks, it’s best to avoid petting street animals in Egypt. These animals are often unvaccinated, live in unhealthy conditions, and feed on anything they can find. They are more likely to be infected with diseases. As a foreigner, you might encounter more aggressive behavior from these animals, so it’s safer to keep your distance. If you find yourself in a situation where you must interact with them, seek help from a local adult.

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