Eight best valuable websites with resources for digital nomads

These websites offer a range of services, including hotel bookings, buying flight tickets, and finding remote gigs.

As a digital nomad, you probably know the value of having access to the internet irrespective of the location you are visiting. However, the internet is vast and full of multiple resources. So, how can you determine the best websites to make your global tourism and job as a digital nomad easier? Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight most valuable websites for you and freelancers on tourism. These websites offer a range of services, including hotel bookings, buying flight tickets, and finding remote gigs.

Travel and work easily with these platforms
Here are the top eight websites you need to bookmark during your global tourism:

Where you put your valuables and sleep at night is one of the most important considerations when you are traveling. It’s not enough for a hotel to be clean and comfortable; it should also be secure. DirectHotels.com links you up with affordable and safe accommodations. Some travelers save up to 80% on lodging from this site. You don’t have to contact an agent or anyone else to handle your bookings as long as you have internet access.

You must book flights, hotel rooms, cars, and many other things during your trip. You can do all of these on TripOffice. Developed in 2023, this new online platform has become essential for digital nomads and frequent travelers. It is a one-stop destination for a vast range of travel needs. The website is fast and easy to navigate on mobile and desktop devices. Also, TripOffice.com tends to offer more affordable prices than many other websites in its category.

Sometimes, you may have specific requirements for booking beyond wanting a big bed or a nice view. In such a situation, you may be better off booking your accommodation on Hotelgo24.com. The user-friendly website has an advanced search engine filter that allows you to make your search as specific as possible. Apart from the regular things like room size, price range, and amenities, you can also add specifics about the location before each search.

Founded in 1996, Bookings.com is one of the oldest online platforms for short and long-stay. Whether you are looking for a hotel, hostel, villa, or apartment, you can find something you like on Booking. It has one of the most extensive databases and networks of hotels in the industry. Also, there are honest ratings about every accommodation from people who have stayed there in the past. One thing that allows Booking.com to maintain its client base despite the increasing competition is its honesty and dedication to transparency.

It’s hard to find a traveler who has never heard of AirBed and Breakfast, popularly called Airbnb. Founded by two college students, this platform changed the game in the short-let options. On Airbnb, you can find different types of homely accommodation, from an entire house to a single room within a family’s home. It all depends on what you want. Instead of traditional hotels that lack personality and coziness, you can stay in fully furnished houses with kitchens and everything you need.

Freelancers and digital nomads are always searching for new clients and better opportunities. Upwork is one of many platforms that allow you to search for prospective clients. Irrespective of your location, you can find remote gigs that suit your skill set on Upwork. There are always clients looking for writers, software developers, web designers, virtual assistants, and other skilled professionals. When you land contracts and get paid via Upwork, you have to pay a flat fee of 10%, which will be automatically deducted from your earnings.

As you can see from the name, this platform was made with digital nomads in mind. Think of it as a reliable place to get background information about every city or country you intend to visit before you head out. On NomadList, you can find out if a particular area has fast internet connectivity, affordable housing, affordable food, workspaces, and gyms. You can also find out if the residents are friendly or hostile toward foreigners. It helps you make an informed decision when choosing where to travel and stay.

This website is another gig market similar to Upwork. It is a job board with multiple remote working opportunities for digital nomads. It goes beyond showing you which jobs are available but provides vivid details about the required qualifications and skills for your preferred listing. This saves time because you will not bother applying for jobs when you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. Also, you can use the platform’s internal search engine to set specific job alerts that meet your needs.

Research thoroughly and be careful
There are several reliable platforms for digital nomads on the internet, but this is not to say there are no scam sites. Many scam sites pose as job boards or booking platforms to defraud unsuspecting customers. To avoid falling for such sites, research thoroughly before imputing your personal information. You can determine if a site is legitimate by reading online reviews about the website. Also, check the URL to confirm the site security encryption. If it is http instead of https, it is not a secure connection.

Now you know some of the most valuable websites you can visit for information and resources as a digital nomad, feel free to check out one or all of these platforms whenever you are searching for something important.

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