Equinox Charter launches ‘Beyond’ reward programme

Aimed at the buyers of charter, the programme is easy to access and manage, allowing organisations, travel buyers or the end users of charter services themselves to accrue and redeem Beyond credits.

LONDON, UK – Music and entertainment specialist Equinox Charter has begun the rollout of ‘Beyond’ – its new rewards programme for air charter clients.Together with sister company and  travel arm Equinox Travel, the London-based organisation introduce a unique Equinox-wide points programme with highly accessible reward opportunities.

Members of the new programme will receive Equinox Travel Credits when booking private travel with Equinox Charter. Unlike similar loyalty programmes, ‘Beyond’ offers generous credits which can be redeemed against any travel booked through Equinox Travel including scheduled flights, hotels, villa rental, ground transportation and more.

Uniquely in the charter sector, members of the Beyond programme benefit from the ability to either redeem credits for travel or use them against future charters, providing a straightforward way to save on private and commercial travel, as well as accommodation and more.

Elliot Bottomley, Managing Director of Equinox Charter, said: “We’re thrilled to launch Beyond, Equinox’s first rewards programme and a world first in terms of its scope. We appreciate the trust our valued clients place in us, so we wanted our programme to reward that. ‘Beyond’ goes further than other frequent flyer programmes – we’ve created a uniquely generous and rewarding scheme for our esteemed clients, allowing them to get even more from travelling with us.”

The programme is free to join and the launch period offers welcome bonuses, paid in credits. Credits are rewarded incrementally, depending on charter spend, and 1 credit is worth 1 GBP when redeemed.

For example, spending £10,000 on a charter would result in 500 Beyond credits following fulfilment of the charter. This equates to £500 in account credit, which can then be redeemed through Equinox Travel, with no minimum credit balance required to begin spending credits.

Unlike other programmes, Beyond members earn credits from their very first charter booking and credits accrued can be used as part or full payment for a variety of travel experiences from the start of membership.

There are no limitations on redeeming credits, allowing the credits to be used with hundreds of travel brands when booking through Equinox Travel.

Affiliated with the Global Travel Collection, one of the largest buyers of travel in the world, Equinox Travel offers extremely competitive rates, as well as exciting deals and packages with flight and hotel partners globally.

Trevor Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Equinox Travel, said: “Our buyers now have their own incentive. As Equinox continues to grow rapidly we want to ensure our loyal clients, or those they’re organising travel for, are rewarded properly. We’re bringing our Travel and Charter companies together to combine our appeal to clients and create a truly outstanding return for those booking through Equinox.

“We’re looking forward to assisting our clients with redeeming their credits as we have some truly incredible deals with trusted partners all over the globe. We’ll be on hand to offer expert travel advice and ensure they receive the dedicated quality in service Equinox is known for.”

In addition to generous credits and flexible spend options, Equinox is proud to offer Beyond members carbon and emissions offset matching on any charter flown under the programme.

As part of the company’s Enhanced Sustainability Initiative (EESI), Equinox offers clients a suite of carefully researched sustainability options that include offsetting opportunities through 4AIR. For Beyond members who choose to offset their charters’ carbon and emissions, Equinox will also match that offsetting.

Key differences of the Beyond rewards programme:

No minimum threshold to begin using credits
Credits can be spent on any travel booked through Equinox
No requirement to redeem credits with particular travel partners
Carbon & emissions offsetting by clients when redeeming credits will be matched by Equinox
Assured quality of service

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