Hotel Aguas Claras debuts deluxe luxury bungalows

Situated amidst a tropical jungle backdrop, Hotel Aguas Claras is an adults-only sanctuary that reflects the artistic passion of Elizabeth Steinvorth. Her artwork, ranging from watercolor paintings to upcycled furniture, adorns the hotel, creating an ambiance of creativity and elegance.

NEW YORK, NY – Hotel Aguas Claras, a distinguished member of the Cayuga Collection, announces the debut of its exclusive Deluxe Luxury Bungalows, further enhancing its status as a premier beachfront oasis on the picturesque Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Playa Chiquita, and embraced by the serene beauty of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, Hotel Aguas Claras has long been a symbol of tranquility and tropical allure. The region, known for its splendid fusion of Latino, Afro-Caribbean, and Bribri indigenous cultures, offers a unique escape in the lush landscape of Puerto Viejo, a former tranquil fishing village turned surfers’ paradise.

Hotel Aguas Claras now elevates its accommodation offerings with the introduction of two new Deluxe Luxury Bungalows. These exquisite dwellings are the epitome of coastal elegance, each featuring two spacious bedrooms with individual bathrooms. The bungalows, conceived and designed by Elizabeth Steinvorth and Elena Rohrmoser, embody a unique Caribbean-inspired aesthetic. They blend Victorian architectural elements with modern comforts and an intimate connection to the surrounding natural beauty.

Elizabeth Steinvorth, the visionary behind the design, explains, “Our goal was to create a space that resonates with the Victorian charm but also offers a private, luxurious, and nature-immersive experience. Our focus on upcycled furniture and decor adds a distinctive and sustainable touch to these exclusive retreats.”

About the Expansion

The hotel’s expanded offerings include six luxurious bungalows, six thematic suites, the newly introduced Deluxe Luxury Bungalows, and the charming two-story Caribbean House. Guests are invited to experience a range of amenities, including rejuvenating spa treatments at Casa Gandhi, yoga and meditation sessions, Afro-Caribbean culinary delights, and exclusive access to the pristine Playa Chiquita.

This expansion marks a new era for Hotel Aguas Claras, where the fusion of nature, art, and luxury offers an unparalleled experience for discerning travelers seeking a unique and indulgent escape on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

Regenerative Impact

Aguas Claras exemplifies sustainable hospitality, simultaneously preserving the region’s natural beauty and nurturing the local community. The hotel commits to staff development by hiring exclusively Costa Ricans and offering career growth opportunities, including management roles, while also ensuring healthcare accessibility through a company doctor program. Further embodying its sustainable ethos, the hotel collaborates with local farmers and artisans for product sourcing, contributing to Puerto Viejo’s economic growth.

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