HR and travel landscape in UAE boosted with successful conclusion of “Travel and HR Business Pulse” in SO/Uptown Dubai

The conclave’s agenda featured engaging panel discussions, keynote presentations, and interactive sessions covering a spectrum of topics, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, leadership development, and the impact of technology on HR practices within the travel industry.

DUBAI, UAE – CS & Clarks, a leading consultancy firm specializing in career advisory and Executive Placement, in partnership with Global Business Travel Expert, Mr. Mohamed Halawi, from Global Business Travel Association has concluded “Travel and HR Business Pulse” Conclave held in SO/ Uptown hotel in Dubai. This event brought together high-level senior HR professionals, leaders, decision-makers, and talent managers from top global corporations.

The “Travel and HR Business Pulse” HR Conclave exemplifies CS & Clarks and Mr Halawi’s commitment to redefining the HR and travel landscape through innovative solutions that transcend traditional career consultancy boundaries. The conference has also explored the dynamic intersection of travel industry trends and the evolving landscape of human resources in the UAE.

Halawi, emphasized the significance of the conclave, stating, “The ‘Travel and HR Business Pulse’ is more than a conclave; it’s a transformative exploration of the synergies between the travel and HR sectors. In the heart of Dubai, we created a space where thought leaders collaborated to shape the future of HR in the context of the evolving travel landscape.”

The choice of the luxurious SO/ Uptown Dubai as the venue reflected the vibrancy and innovation inherent in both the event and its hosts. Len Augusto, Key Account Director from Accor Hotels added: “We were delighted to host such a prestigious event at our newly opened hotel under the Ennismore division, SO/ Uptown Dubai Hotel. The exquisite setting complemented the calibre of discussions and networking opportunities the “Travel and HR Business Pulse” promised. We provided a unique experience for the attendees.”

CS & Clarks, renowned for its dedication to building relationships and providing personalized strategies, successfully elevated the discourse surrounding HR practices in the context of the evolving travel landscape. As a trusted Career Consultancy, the firm remains committed to propelling the success of individuals and organizations in today’s dynamic business environment specifically in the UAE, the UK, Indonesia, Lebanon and other parts of the world.

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