Ireland’s GSSA, IAM, joins ECS Group

With the signing of the acquisition agreement, on October 16th 2023, Ireland’s largest GSSA has become part of the world’s leading GSSA, ECS Group, bringing with it a wealth of experience and a respected legacy in the aviation industry.

Ireland’s GSSA has become part of ECS Group. With International Airline Marketing (IAM), ECS Group gains an established, respected subsidiary with a successful track record spanning almost 35 years.

“IAM is the absolute leader in the Irish market, with more than 30 years of experience and an outstanding reputation,” says Adrien Thominet, Executive Chairman of ECS Group. “It is the perfect example of a family business that has remained true to its founding credo of ‘Service excellence and continuous improvement through innovation and professionalism’ – one that very much aligns with our ECS Group philosophy. We share commercial synergies too, in the companies represented across our network, and similar business acumen. When two winners join forces, everyone wins – in this case, our joint customers.”

IAM’s strengths will soon be further enhanced through access to ECS Group’s inhouse digital tools, revenue management solutions, and abilities portfolio. With open arms and a shared vision, ECS Group and IAM embark on a collective voyage, bound by a common commitment to shaping the future of aviation services and ensuring a legacy of continued growth and success. With IAM, ECS Group augments its market share in Ireland to 30%.

“Our rapidly changing air-cargo industry landscape demands a solid global presence and innovative and flexible service solutions. In ECS Group, IAM sees a partner with an international reputation as a market leader, and one that recognizes the importance of growing its global business via a network of well-established local market representative offices. We are proud to become part of a group that is forward-looking, technologically advanced, and known to be a highly supportive business partner that is committed to promoting sustainability in the industry,” says Ian McCool, Managing Director of IAM.

Navigating the intricacies of the complex Irish market requires a nuanced understanding, and despite its geographical modesty, Ireland stands as a formidable player in the realm of exports. It proudly hosts an array of the world’s most renowned brand name shippers and logistical providers, further underlining its significance on the global stage.

For over three decades, IAM has been an integral part of Ireland’s landscape, meticulously building a robust local presence and fostering a reputation synonymous with reliability and excellence. In this close-knit market, IAM has become a trusted name. The familiar faces that have been the bedrock of IAM’s success will remain at the forefront, ensuring a seamless continuation of relationships with both customers and suppliers, with the added bonus now of a direct link into a truly international and highly respected partner network offering new opportunities, products and services.

Founded in Dublin, in 1989, by Sean McCool, father of current Managing Director, Ian McCool, International Airline Marketing has grown from initially representing Air Canada, to now serving 15+ world leading carriers, and boasting long and loyal relationships with all freight agents across Ireland. Operating from central offices in trendy Stoneybatter, just 15 minutes from Dublin Airport and close to all major freight agents in Dublin, IAM is now responsible for over a quarter of Ireland’s annual air cargo exports. Senior Sales Representatives are also located in Cork (serving Cork & Shannon agents), and Belfast. More than simply a GSA, IAM added a trucking division in mid-1990s and expanded into handling support and air cargo dangerous training in the early 2000’s.

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