LUX Interactive transforms Red Roof Inn’s digital landscape through Tridion Cloud migration

The collaboration between LUX Interactive and Red Roof Inn signifies a significant leap towards digital transformation, showcasing a commitment to leveraging technology for business elevation. The migration to Tridion Cloud heralds a new era of efficiency, scalability, and innovation for RRI’s digital infrastructure.

TROY, MICH. LUX Interactive, a pioneer in digital innovation, announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Red Roof Inn (RRI) aimed at revolutionizing its digital infrastructure. This innovative partnership drives the seamless migration of RRI’s website from Tridion on-premise to Tridion Cloud, setting a new benchmark for digital excellence.

Red Roof Inn, a renowned hospitality brand with nearly 700 properties spanning multiple brands, sought a cutting-edge solution to elevate its digital presence and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Tridion Cloud Migration:

Enhanced Scalability: Tridion Cloud’s adaptable infrastructure empowers RRI’s website to effortlessly manage increased traffic, ensuring uninterrupted user experiences during peak demand, aligning with RRI’s growth trajectory.
Agility and Rapid Deployments: The migration facilitates agile deployment of updates, new features, and improvements, enabling RRI to swiftly adapt to market changes and user preferences
Cost Optimization: Operating on Tridion Cloud eliminates on-premise infrastructure overheads, optimizing RRI’s expenditure. The pay-as-you-go model ensures efficient resource allocation and cost savings.
Robust Security Measures: Tridion Cloud boasts robust security protocols and compliance standards, fortifying RRI’s data protection and ensuring adherence to industry security regulations.
Performance Enhancement: Leveraging Tridion Cloud’s distributed server infrastructure enhances RRI’s website performance, resulting in faster loading times and an improved user experience, thereby boosting engagement and satisfaction.
Reliability and Disaster Recovery: Tridion Cloud’s redundancy and disaster recovery mechanisms guarantee uninterrupted operations for RRI. Reliable failover systems ensure website resilience against potential disruptions, ensuring continuous availability.
Innovation and Integration Capabilities: Tridion Cloud’s suite of services and integrations empowers RRI to innovate rapidly. Access to cutting-edge technologies and seamless integrations with third-party services enables RRI to remain competitive and innovative.

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