New Mews kiosk cuts check-in time by a third and generates thousands in extra hotel revenue

Guests can check-in early, purchase upsells and cut their own room key using the intuitive, streamlined kiosk.

NEW YORK, NY – Mews has unveiled its next-generation Kiosk solution for hotels. The kiosk can be used for check-in and check-out, by guests or by staff.“What makes the Mews Kiosk special is that it isn’t only designed for a smooth guest experience,” said Matt Welle, CEO of Mews. “We’ve completely overhauled its user interface and it’s driving phenomenal improvements in check-ins and outs. It’s now easier to find bookings, offer early check-in options and upsell services and products to guests, making a tangible difference to bottom lines and staff productivity.”

The new kiosk has been optimized for speed, both in terms of its build and functionality, and enables hotels to upsell products and services during the check-in process. Used in economy, midscale and luxury properties around the world, guests have the choice to check-in however they want. Guests can search for their reservation using their last name only using Mews Kiosk, and easily cut their own room keys by following the clear on-screen guidance.

This has contributed to an average check-in time of just over two minutes, a minute faster than previously. For properties using the new Mews Kiosk, the proportion of guests using it to check in has risen, with some hotels seeing Kiosk usage increase by over 100%.

Hotels will also benefit from a more cohesive branding and opportunities to boost revenue. For instance, properties can curate their kiosk imagery, making a more engaging guest experience. A customizable screensaver allows hotels to play branded videos when the kiosks aren’t in use, which lets hotels promote additional services and upgrades. These upsells can be purchased during the Kiosk check-in process.

When combined with Mews Terminals, a fully automated, integrated card reader, hotels remove the manual processing of card payments, reducing human error and duplicate billing. Mews customers save an average of six hours per month using Mews Terminals and have seen a 19% higher success rate of payments.

If a guest arrives before check-in time, they can still use the kiosk and – if there is a room available – choose to check in early. This is a huge revenue earner for hotels, and because payment can be made directly via the kiosk, there is no time drain for front desk staff. One hotel in the heart of London generated over 19,000 euros through early kiosk check-ins in just six weeks.

Postillion Hotels

Mews Kiosk is used by Postillion Hotels in the Netherlands, where they’ve seen a 36% reduction in the time taken for guests to check-in to its hotels, with average check-in taking just over two minutes.

“The Mews Kiosk has improved our check in process tremendously. I don’t see the Kiosks as a replacement of our staff, instead it’s an added benefit. The features offered in the new version fit perfectly with our guest needs. We can now offer extra products, like an early check-in without any hassle, but with extra revenue.” commented Manon Klop, Revenue Manager at Postillion Hotels Nederland, “From a branding standpoint, we oversee the images being displayed and making sure everything the guest sees during check-in matches our standards. For us it is also important that the improvements allow us to keep up with guests’ changing demands.”

Hotel Maashof

Another Mews customer, Hotel Maashof in the city center of Venlo in The Netherlands, has seen 60% faster check-ins because of Mews Kiosk. Maurice Martens, Head of Marketing at Hotel Maashof, commented, “The front desk team are very happy with Mews Kiosk because they no longer have to print out documents and manually type in all the guest details into the computer. They can focus on the guest instead.”

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