New Orleans is world’s priciest New Year’s Eve destination, survey reveals

With a rate of $1190 for the cheapest room, New Orleans emerged top of the rankings.

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans is the most expensive destination in the world for hotel stays over this year’s New Year’s Eve period, a new survey has revealed.

The survey by compared accommodation rates across 60 major global cities. For each destination, the price for the most affordable available double room for a 3-night stay from December 30 to January 2 was recorded. Only hotels with a central location and rated three stars or more were considered.

Compared to regular rates during the month of January, travellers will have to spend a massive 182% more for overnight stays in New Orleans.

Only slightly more affordable are Miami Beach and New York City, which complete the podium with rates of $1184 and $1164, respectively, for 3-night stays. Syndey and Rio de Janeiro came out as the most expensive non-US destinations, with minimum rates of $1089 and $1087, respectively.

Out of the 10 US cities considered by the survey, Boston and Chicago are the most affordable at around $500 for a 3-night stay. The least expensive destinations in the world to spend New Year’s Eve are Hanoi and Phnom Penh, where you should find a room for below $40 per night in both cities.

The table below shows the world’s 10 priciest destinations for accommodation on New Year’s Eve this year. Prices shown reflect the rate for the cheapest available double room for the period December 30 – January 2. For each city, the price increase compared to regular rates in January is included in brackets.

1. New Orleans $1190 (+181%)
2. Miami Beach $1184 (+120%)
3. New York City $1164 (+218%)
4. Rio de Janeiro $1089 (+188%)
5. Sydney $1087 (+269%)
6. Punta Cana $940 (+341%)
7. Cancun $905 (+115%)
8. Edinburgh $902 (+208%)
9. London $894 (+125%)
10.Honolulu $858 (+51%)

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