New route makes round trip, multi-destination travel in Southern Africa possible with Airlink and FlyNamibia

Flights on the new route will commence from 04 April 2024.

JOHANNESBURG – FlyNamibia, Airlink’s franchisee partner, will operate new flights between Windhoek and Victoria Falls, opening the sky for round trip multi-destination travel in Southern Africa.

It is the first scheduled air service between the two destinations and lets travellers fly directly between iconic tourist locations, e.g. Cape Town – central Namibia – Victoria Falls – Kruger Park, all on a single ticket. In doing so, this route, and others to follow, will reduce travel time, letting business and leisure travellers spend more time where they want to be, instead of undertaking circuitous routings with connections through an en route hub airport.

Flights will be operated by FlyNamibia, with modern and comfortable 50-seat Embraer 145 aircraft and flown under Airlink’s “4Z” flight code.

“Our partnership strategy with FlyNamibia is to maximise the opportunity to establish  Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport as a gateway to other regional destinations. The new Windhoek-Victoria Falls route is the first manifestation of this, and we expect to announce more in the coming weeks and months. It will benefit our customers by making it more convenient to travel between the region’s main attractions. It also creates opportunities for our partners in the travel and tourism sector to offer new itineraries,” said Airlink CEO and Managing Director, Rodger Foster.

These flights are available in the Global Distribution System (GDS), which provides reach into travel source markets around the world.

“By connecting Windhoek and Victoria Falls, under this agreement, FlyNamibia is creating new opportunities for tourists and business travellers.  With this route, FlyNamibia will stimulate tourism while also fostering trade, commerce and broader economic activity between Namibia and Zimbabwe,” explained Andrè Compion, Managing Director of FlyNamibia.

Seamless single ticket itineraries involving more than one flight, provide travellers with greater security in the event of any interruption to their journey.

Flights on the new route will operate at these times and days of the week:

Flight No.
Day of the week
Departure Time
Arrival Time

4Z 8135
Windhoek Hosea-Kutako Int’l
Victoria Falls

4Z 8136
Victoria Falls
Windhoek Hosea-Kutako Int’l

Airlink and FlyNamibia established a partnership in September 2022. Airlink underpinned the partnership by acquiring a minority shareholding in FlyNamibia. This commercial and operational collaboration will see FlyNamibia expand its network and schedule with more destinations and flights, connecting Namibia with other key markets in the region and beyond.

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