Phocuswright WiT Middle East 2024

Phocuswright WiT Middle East is a joint event from Northstar Travel Group’s two leading travel tech platforms. The co-branded one-day conference, on May 3rd, will blend the best of Phocuswright intelligence with WiT market insights in digital travel to focus on technology, innovation and distribution and marketing trends in the Middle East.

US-based Phocuswright is the world’s leading travel tech research authority and runs its signature conferences in Europe and the US.

Singapore-based WiT is a travel tech news and events platform focused on Asia Pacific and frontier markets and runs annual conference editions in Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Malaysia. It will launch in Africa this year with WiT Africa, March 14-15, in Cape Town.

Phocuswright WiT Middle East, supported by Accor, marks the return of WiT Middle East, the first of which took place in 2014. The last WiT Middle East was in 2019.

At Phocuswright WiT Middle East 2024, “You, Me & The Machine” will meet “The Human Revolution”, The programme will be heavy on the new step change in tech that’s sweeping travel globally – from generative AI to content fragmentation to social commerce – and how humans working in travel need to harness these tools for the greater good of travel.

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