Regenerative Travel unveils 2024 Trends Report

Highlighting the urgent need for regenerative tourism amidst climate crisis.

NEW YORK, NY – In a critical response to the escalating climate crisis, Regenerative Travel has released its 2024 Trend Report, spotlighting the imperative role of the tourism industry in combating the adverse effects of climate change on our planet. With the latest findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) indicating a significant likelihood of global temperatures rising beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius within this decade, the report underscores tourism’s contribution to 8% of global carbon emissions and the essential shift towards regenerative practices needed to safeguard our ecosystems and communities worldwide.

Regenerative Travel’s 2024 Trends Report delves into the transformative potential of the tourism sector as a force for positive change. It explores how embracing regenerative principles can empower communities, foster innovative policy-making, promote climate-friendly innovations, and support the shift towards sustainable food systems—all vital steps in reducing the tourism industry’s carbon footprint and aiding in the planet’s regeneration.

Highlighting the importance of regeneration, the report calls for a collective movement towards sustainability, emphasizing that the path to addressing climate change is through unity and collaboration across all levels of society—from individuals to governments. The document also points out the heightened vulnerability of specific environments and communities, such as small island states, indigenous populations, and polar regions, making the case for targeted actions to protect these critical areas.

The 2024 Trend Report serves as a comprehensive guide for industry stakeholders, outlining emerging themes and innovative practices that pave the way for regenerative tourism. The key trends are listed below:

1) Emphasis on Transparent Sustainability Practices
2) Commitment to Carbon Neutrality and Climate Action
3) Focus on Biodiversity and Nature Conservation
4) Empowering Local Communities through Regenerative Travel
5) Governance Frameworks for Regeneration
6) Hospitality’s Influence on Sustainable Food Production
7) Advancements in Decarbonizing Aviation

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The Manta Resort
Kwainini Foundation
Song Saa Private Island and Song Saa Foundation
Tranquilo Bay
Casa Múcura
Seychelles Islands Foundation
White Desert Antarctica
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Rodale Institute
Playa Viva
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Bucuti and Tara
European Commission
Blue Alliance
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African Leadership University School of Wildlife Conservation

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