Sales and Marketing expert Bianca Cuperus joins VERTU Hotels and Resorts

As a consultant, Bianca Cuperus is dedicated to optimizing revenue for hotels. She accomplishes this by working on increasing occupancy rates and room prices and by developing a strategic sales and marketing approach that delivers measurable results. She helps hotels seize sales opportunities by implementing a robust sales structure and honing commercial skills.

Leading hospitality group VERTU Hotels and Resorts grows its team of experts by welcoming Bianca Cuperus as Sales and Marketing Consultant.

Bianca is a seasoned sales consultant and hospitality expert who assists hotels in improving their performance. With over 25 years of experience in hotels, she has built an excellent reputation in the hotel industry. Her extensive background at renowned establishments like Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Hilton, Golden Tulip, and various luxury boutique hotels forms the foundation of her expertise.

Bianca Cuperus is not only skilled in sales and hospitality but also serves as a trainer. She shares her knowledge and skills with hoteliers and their teams, focusing on enhancing the guest
experience and boosting revenue. Her approach is based on personal contact and genuine attention to guests, which serves as the common thread in all her endeavors.

VERTU Hotels and Resorts Founder and CEO, Gérald Lampaert, states “Bianca’s wealth of experience in Sales and Marketing, especially in hotel openings and operations, aligns seamlessly with the vision and standards we uphold at VERTU Hospitality, Hotels, and Resorts. Her expertise is an invaluable addition to our team of experts and consultants. Bianca’s insights and skills have the potential to elevate not only our managed and affiliate hotels but also to contribute significantly to the success of third-party projects within our portfolio.”

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