SEGITTUR and FITUR launch “The AI for Tourism Awards 2024”

The awards ceremony is set to take place on Thursday 25 January 2024 at Fitur Know-How & Export.

MADRID – SEGITTUR and FITUR have announced the first edition of the competition for technological solutions developed with Artificial Intelligence for tourism “The IA for Tourism Awards 2024“, which will run in the setting of Fitur Know-How & Export, in recognition of the importance that AI is having in the management of travel and the tourism sector.

 Artificial Intelligence has begun to play a significant role in the field of tourism. This technology has revolutionised the way travellers plan, book and enjoy travel.

 The different areas in which Artificial Intelligence is present in tourism includes the personalisation of experiences, booking management and customer service, chatbots, facial recognition and translation.

 This presence of Artificial Intelligence in the tourism sector is the motivation behind this competition, which aims to find the best solutions developed with Artificial Intelligence, both nationally and internationally, made up of destinations and tourism companies to improve the experience of tourists before, during and after the trip.

This first edition will have a single category for the best AI 2024 solution, with entry open to businesses in all tourism verticals, including hotel chains, airlines, travel agencies, and tourist destinations.

The deadline for entries is 30 November, while the awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 25 January 2024 at Fitur Know-How & Export.

The jury will be made up of professionals from the world of tourism and technology and will be chaired by SEGITTUR.

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