The best hair transplant before after results

Turkey has become the world’s leading destination for hair transplant surgery.

Turkey is a well-known tourist destination around the world. With around 700,000 visitors per year, it is a popular medical tourism destination, particularly for hair transplant patients. According to statistics, there will be 2,000,000 medical tourists by 2023.

The remarkable thing is that healthcare and medical tourism are being considered not only by citizens of less-developed countries where there are no medical treatments for specific conditions, but also by citizens of more developed countries who want faster turnaround times and lower costs for higher-quality medical care.

Hair transplant Turkey has grown to be a significant component of Turkey’s medical tourism sector. Lots of people visit Istanbul for hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures. With over 100,000 surgeries conducted each year, Turkey has become the world’s leading destination for hair transplant surgery.

Approximately 100 clinics in Istanbul offer treatments ranging from FUE (follicular unit extraction) through FUT (follicular unit transplantation). Turkey is considered as one of the greatest destinations for the best hair transplant before after results because surgeons here have mastered the method over many years and can provide you with excellent outcomes at reasonable prices.

Advantages of hair transplant results Istanbul
Unlike the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries, Turkey is known for affordable, high-quality healthcare tourism.

Private hospital hair transplant in Turkey therapy is preferred by 67% of travelers since operations are up to 90% less expensive. This shows that their medical treatments are reasonably priced.

In addition, hair transplant surgery in the country is 70% less expensive than in Europe. You can save money while maintaining treatment quality.

What is hair transplant Turkey
A hair transplant is a cosmetic treatment in which hair follicles are transferred from one place of the body to another. The treatment is mostly used to cure baldness or hair thinning. In recent years, hair transplant has grown in popularity, with more people considering the treatment to improve their appearance and raise their confidence.

FUE hair transplant is a 15-year-old hair transplant technique that includes extracting individual hair follicles from the nape area rather than removing a strip of tissue with hair follicles on it like in FUT and then transplanting them to the desired locations. FUE hair transplant technique has resulted in a significant increase in hair transplant demand.

Hair transplantation takes 4-10 hours in Turkey, depending on the quantity of hair follicles transplanted. A more experienced crew may be able to complete the task in less time. Depending on the condition of the donor area, around 4000-4500 follicles are transplanted in a single session.

Scabs grow on the scalp after a hair transplant and normally disappear within a week if daily cleaning recommendations are followed. Patients can continue with their regular activities, including work, while wearing a cap. Hair growth begins during the third month and resumes between nine to twelve months.

Vera Clinic: The best hair transplant results Turkey
Regardless of where you look, the data points to Vera Clinic as the most dependable clinic for a hair transplant, with highly qualified doctors, excellent customer service, and the most affordable operations backed by a lifetime warranty in most top facilities. We approached the doctors at Vera Clinic for further information about hair transplants.

Vera Clinic is Turkey’s premier hair transplant clinic. It was awarded the Medicine European Award in 2021 for its expertise in the field of hair transplantation. This distinguished award demonstrates the clinic’s dedication to providing extraordinary treatment and attaining exceptional results for their patients. Vera Clinic has emerged as a leading choice for people seeking hair transplant services in Turkey, owing to its emphasis on patient happiness and safety. So, if you’re seeking for a reputable and trustworthy hair transplant clinic in Turkey, Vera Clinic should be on your list.

Hair transplant success rates differ from clinic to clinic. Our doctors at Vera Clinic, on the other hand, have years of experience and use cutting-edge medical equipment. As a result, we have a very high success rate—roughly 98%.

The efficacy of the process is determined upon the individual’s health and the quality of the hair follicles employed. Other factors, like as surgeon expertise, influence how successful the operation is for each individual.

It is crucial to remember that there are numerous clinics in Turkey where you may receive a hair transplant; however, not all of them will provide you with the best results.

Packages & pricing at Vera Clinic
Vera Clinic’s hair transplant packages include a variety of services, including lodging, airport transfers, and post-operative care. The cost of these packages varies according to the amount of grafts needed.

The majority of Vera Clinic’s clientele have posted good feedback about their hair transplant experience. They lauded the clinic’s expertise, hospitality, and good outcomes. However, it is important to note that each client’s experience is unique, and it is critical to consider both positive and negative hair transplant evaluations before making a decision.

Vera Clinic takes pride in using cutting-edge technology and practices to give its clients the best results possible. The Choi Implanter Pen is used at the clinic to help hair transplant doctors implant hair follicles more precisely and properly. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is also used at the clinic to enhance hair growth and lower the risk of infection and irritation following surgery.

The best of hair transplant before after: Vera Clinic
Hair transplant Turkey is a life-altering decision that must be carefully considered. It is critical to select a clinic that delivers high-quality services and has a solid reputation. The majority of Vera Clinic’s hair transplant clients have had excellent experiences, which cannot be overlooked. Before selecting a hair transplant clinic Turkey, it is critical to conduct extensive research and examine a variety of variables.

If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant Turkey, look into different hair transplant clinic Turkey and evaluate things like the clinic’s services, reviews, pricing, and clients’ personal experiences. Select a hair transplant clinic in Turkey that offers high-quality services and has a strong reputation for producing the greatest hair transplant before and after results.

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