Tips when you travel to Europe the first time

Are you planning to go to Europe for the first time? From securing travel documents to getting an eSIM for Europe, get tips for a smoother trip.

If you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, you’ll likely appreciate tips to ensure a safer and smoother trip. After all, there are so many places to visit within this continent, which makes the travel seem a bit overwhelming. While you need to sort several things before you travel to Europe, here are some of the most crucial elements you need to prepare.

1. Secure your travel documents

The documents you need to gain access to Europe will depend on your source and destination countries. Aside from your passport, you might also need a visa. So, check with the embassy whether you’ll be required to secure an ETIAS travel authorization or a Schengen visa.

An ETIAS travel authorization is given to individuals who can travel to Europe without a visa. Meanwhile, those who do not qualify for an ETIAS travel authorization will need a Schengen visa to enter the 27 countries comprising the Schengen area. You can sort this out yourself or find an agent who offers Europe trip packages that include visa processing.

2. Familiarize yourself with European currencies

Because there are several countries within the continent, determining where to go in Europe can be overwhelming. At the same time, you must also review the different currencies in certain regions. Note that the euro is the official currency of 20 of the 27 member states of the European Union. However, there are other currencies you might encounter, depending on the country you’re visiting:

British Pound
Czech Crowns
Hungarian Forint
Icelandic Krona
Polish Złoty

3. Make a packing list

When you travel to Europe, one of the unspoken rules is to pack light. You’ll likely use public transportation to reach your destinations, and it can be frustrating to haul heavy luggage around.
So, write down what you need to bring to your trip.

To optimize packing, you can also focus on taking fewer items than you need. For example, if your vacation package lasts more than a week, pack clothes that will last for a week. You can wash or re-wear anything you’ve brought. You might even make a new friend by visiting the local laundromat!

4. Contact your credit card company

Before you travel to Europe, make sure to contact your credit card company and inform them about your trip. You should also give them information about the places you’re visiting and your travel dates. Otherwise, your card might be flagged for fraud or hacking. If you plan on widely using your credit card on your trip, this can put a serious damper on your vacation.

5. Prepare the essentials

Aside from your travel documents, accommodations, and tickets, there are other little details that will make your trip go smoother. Here are some travel essentials you need to prepare:

Attraction tickets: You’re not the only person who knows where to go in Europe – this continent is a popular tourist destination. So, if you don’t like scrambling with other people for attraction tickets, purchase them in advance. Buying them online would mean that you wouldn’t have to wait in line for hours. What’s more, you can secure access to the attraction before it reaches full capacity.
Cash: While a lot of places in Europe accept credit cards, it wouldn’t hurt if you bring some cash for your tour. You can also do a quick Google search on the nearest ATM machines to ensure you have access to your money.
Mobile: When you’re visiting an unfamiliar place, you’ll need Google Maps to get you around. Of course, you also need to ensure that you can access mobile data while you travel around the continent. So, don’t forget to secure an eSIM for Europe to stay connected as you explore.

Have fun as you travel to Europe

Remember that no trip is perfect, especially when it is your first time traveling to Europe. Not everything will go according to your plans. However, expecting problems along the way and rolling with the punches may help make the trip more exciting and memorable. Moreover, while our list of tips is not exhaustive, it is enough to resolve some issues you might encounter during your travel. The key is to enjoy the ride and never let the setbacks ruin your vacation.

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