Traveling to London for the first time – Check up on the essentials

London seems to be hosting the whole world within its city line. Make sure you discover its cosmopolitan nature and enjoy every minute of time spent there.

London is a quintessence of nations, traditions, and cultural heritage, which is why it is listed as one of the most touristic places. London has multiple faces, thus, everyone who goes there is bound to find what they are looking for.

When visiting this cradle of cultures for the first time, the choice of locations seems to be daunting, as there is an endless list of must-do things, yet the time is rather limited. Let us help you narrow down the list of options to make your first visit truly unforgettable.

1. Theatres
A lot of the readers will probably frown upon theatres being mentioned in the first place, yet, it is a true English-style experience to try. The majority of us associate London with the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare, and Hamlet, yet the abundance goes much further – classic and modern adaptations, opera, musicals, ballet, floc, cabaret, etc. Overall, there are 241 theatres, each of them bringing a unique experience for the visitors.

Even if you are not a theatre-goer, you probably know names like Emila Clarke, Keira Knightley, and Benedict Cumberbatch, who frequently stage the shows. Therefore, if you want to immerse into a whole nother world of exceptional actor talents, check up on the guides like London theater plays 2023/24: 10 shows to buy tickets for, which offer the latest performance of the season, and give it a go.

2. Parks
After an active cultural life, you may need to lose yourself in the greenery of London parks, just to reflect upon the daily events, and feel the moment of solitude and seclusion. Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Kensington Gardens, Greenwich Park, Hampstead Heath – the green spaces are scattered around the city and are supplemented with garden squares, which are small, yet no less attractive.

The experts offer numerous one-day routes around the London parks, just don’t hesitate and get ready to impress your fitness watch with the number of daily steps.

3. Museums
Museums are often considered as a ‘no-no’ place, yet, London is different. National Museum, Transport Museum, Natural History Museum, Museum of London Docklands – the list goes on and on, exposing 192 positions.

Obviously, you can’t and don’t need to visit all of them, however, you can dedicate one day to watching history coming alive. Whether it is the London Transport Museum, which covers the 200-year history of vehicles, or a Natural History Museum, which takes pride in the collection of the biggest, tallest and rarest animals in the world – you will definitely be in awe of the expositions. Besides, even the buildings of the museums are worth the attention, with their architecture and design.

4. Landmarks
Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, London Eye – there is no need to introduce the landmarks separately, as they are always featured in the guides, postcards, photos, etc. You can enjoy the view of these sights just by taking a long walk around the city center.

If you aim to check in at all these places, it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance, not to waste time in long queues.

5. Food
When visiting London, you have a unique chance to try the cuisines from all over the world. Considering the diversity of nationalities, there are Italian, Thai, British, Indian, Chinese, French, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Argentinian, and other types of cuisines. Portobello market with appetizing street food, and unconventional cafes along the high street will take every visitor to a new gourmet experience per meal.

The bottom line
London is a whole another world to see and explore. Its iconic architecture captures the eye and takes us back to ancient times and traditions. Its atmosphere captures your mind and wins your heart, calling you for a visit over and over again.

London is to be seen on foot, enjoying every moment of its beauty. Get to know the theatre world by attending at least one performance; get to know the serenity of life and nature in parks; get to explore the variety of cuisines from almost the whole world.

London seems to be hosting the whole world within its city line. Make sure you discover its cosmopolitan nature and enjoy every minute of time spent there.

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