Unveiling the “CCRA Forest” biodiversity project, planting 1,200 trees this year with a project goal of 53,000 trees total

PowerSolutions participating suppliers advance efforts with trees planted in their company name as part of CCRA’s commitment to sustainability.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – CCRA Travel Commerce Network continues to drive its commitment to sustainability with the announcement of a new biodiversity project launched this year coined the “CCRA Forest.” As part of the project, CCRA has already planted more than 1,200 trees this year with a project goal of covering 48 hectares in total.

Dic Marxen, President and CEO of CCRA emphasized the organization’s dedication to global environmental projects, saying, “We view environmental sustainability not just as an investment in the future, but as a responsibility as industry leaders for nearly half a century. Our commitment to this biodiversity project is a testament to our enduring efforts, with more than 1,200 trees planted this year and an ambitious target of 53,000 trees to be planted in total.”

Working together with well-known Green My Experience, CCRA is investing in the transformation of a 120-hectare ex-cattle farm into a preserved tropical forest. This effort will support the surrounding ecosystem as part of one of Costa Rica’s most important conservation strategies known as Biological Corridors. Such Biological Corridors contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity, facilitating the migration of flora and fauna. These Corridors connect protected areas in the mountains with other areas at lower altitudes and allow people to improve their quality of life with a sustainable way of conserving as resources are better protected.

Over the past decade, CCRA has consistently championed sustainability through eco-friendly travel options, carbon offset programs, and community outreach. The strategic selection of environmentally conscious hotels for PowerSolutions LIVE events further demonstrates their dedication to a net-zero future. CCRA is further revolutionizing its LIVE events with green strategies, such as eliminating paper usage and adopting electronic formats accessible through QR codes.

Excitingly, suppliers participating in CCRA’s PowerSolutions LIVE events are now also part of the CCRA Forest biodiversity project. Peter Pincus, CCRA’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “By joining PowerSolutions, suppliers contribute to the planting of new trees in their name, actively participating in the preservation of our planet.”

The next PowerSolutions LIVE event will be held on December 5, 2023, in New York at Bohemian National Hall, 321 East 73rd St. New York, NY 10021. Registration is now open via the CCRA PowerSolutions NYC Registration Page along with additional details about the event and agenda.

PowerSolutions LIVE events are open to travel advisors of all experience levels who are members of TRUE, ARC, IATA, CLIA, and ASTA. Travel advisors are encouraged to register early to guarantee their spot at these popular events.

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