Visa processing: Why is it important

Always check that you have left enough time to get your visa processed before booking travel.

If you have ever traveled internationally, you will know that you need a visa to access some countries and that the visa application process can be lengthy. But one thing a lot of people do not know is why we need to have a visa and why the processing time is important. Different visa types will have different processing times.

Why do we need a Visa
Visas are needed for different reasons, depending on the type of visa you are applying for. When you apply for a travel visa for a holiday, this lets the country calculate the flow of people through the country. It also allows them to check who is coming into the country. Some countries are more strict than others.

If you are traveling for work, you will need a different visa for someone who is moving to the country. For example, if you are planning to move, you would need a work visa or a residential visa if you have someone to sponsor you.

This could be in the form of a k1 visa if you plan on marrying your partner and moving to the USA; this would allow you more permanent citizenship with the chance of getting a green card to allow you to work and live as an American with dual citizenship in the future.

Processing time
As previously mentioned, processing times change depending on the type of visa you are looking for and the country you plan to visit. For example u visa processing times will be different from the processing time for a traveller visa.

U visa processing times tend to be longer due to the nature of the visa and all of the different checks that will need to be done during this time. Not only this, but the U visa has a lot of parts you need to comply with in the country you are leaving. If the processing time were to be shortened, you would not be able to help the authorities in the country you are leaving.

Processing times depend on how much information will be getting checked. For someone visiting the country for a holiday, it comes down to the flow of people and ensuring that the person coming on holiday is not on the run from the law. Processing times allow authorities to rule out people who may try to sneak into the country and be illegal immigrants.

It is important when traveling not to book your flights or holiday until you have the visa; this is to ensure that your passport is back with you before you travel. If you leave applying for your visa too late, you will find that you cannot travel because your passport is still being sent back to you.

Some of the most important types of visas, such as the U Visa, have some of the longest processing times. This is to allow all things to be finalized so that the person moving does not have to go back to where they are unsafe.

For other visa types, the timing can be dependent on paperwork and when you apply. Always check that you have left enough time to get your visa processed before booking travel, and do not travel outside of the window allowed by your visa.

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