Discover the top villas in Tuscany for a dreamy escape

Tuscany is an undeniable winner when it comes to retreats injected with a wide array of experiences.

From rolling valleys and lush hills to vineyards producing world-acclaimed wines and imposing Cathedrals and piazzas that blend Renaissance art with Gothic and Romanesque architecture, visitors definitely have their hands full. Of course, this exclusive and unique venture is reflected on the area’s VIP accommodation. Dotted with some of the most exquisite, luxury villas, Tuscany is a dream land for the discerning traveller. Below are three of the most spellbinding properties in the heart-stopping Italian region according to Tuscany villas experts

Villa La Loggia

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Sleeps: 8
Location: Bolgheri, Maremma
Nightly Rate: €572 – €1.143

In the warm embrace of the verdant landscape characterising the Maremma province, you’ll find the exquisite Villa La Loggia tucked in the heart of the greenest, most abundant natural terrain along the coastal Tuscan regions.

Upon first glance, the mansion looks as if it’s springing from the grassy ground and is part of the cypress forests and olive groves that surround it – coexisting with nature in the most harmonious way. Charming red-tile roofs, olive-green shutters against a beautiful whitewashed exterior, a lovely porch with a bamboo sitting set, and rustic furniture exude a cosy, homely, snuggish and, at the same time, luxurious vibe.

The highlight? It’s a nearly beachfront location. This gives you almost instant access to the wide, sugary shores of the Maremma, enabling you to get a refreshing swim in crystalline waters whenever you feel like it.

With attention to every single detail, expect bedrooms each featuring their own style, yet all oozing elegance and chicness, a dedicated BBQ area for those fun hearty evenings, a fully-equipped kitchen to host your culinary explorations, and even an advanced sound system and private parking. Plus, it is pet-friendly, allowing the entire family to enjoy every bit of this experience just the same. Definitely worthy of a top place in the Best Villas to Stay in Tuscany list!

Villa Arrighi

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Sleeps: 12
Location: Lisciano Niccone, Umbria
Nightly Rate: €3.715

Resting on the slopes of a verdant hill in the Umbria region, it won’t take more than a split-second to comprehend why it is regarded as one of the top villas in Tuscany. Long story short, we are talking about the embodiment of traditional Tuscan architecture.

Think of thick, stone walls, charming red-tile rooftops, evenly spaced out windows offering sweeping views, vaulted ceilings, arches adorned with brick elements, and a massive paved terrace overlooking the rolling valley spreading all around.

The aromas of the blooming flowers in the terracotta pots blend with the scent of thyme and oregano that swirls in the air, showering you with stimuli galore that provoke and caress the senses. While strolling through the walkways that take you on a tour around the property, you are subconsciously overpowered by a sense of gratification, as you feel how connected we truly are with the natural cosmos that surrounds us.

Villa Arrighi is where timeless classic appeal meets modern comforts, pampering guests with breath-taking vistas of a landscape that makes it a challenge to distinguish exactly where the Mediterranean blue sky ends and where the green of the teeming Tuscan countryside begins in the horizon.

Parco del Principe

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Sleeps: 14
Location: Chiusi, Val d’Orcia
Nightly Rate: €2.700 – €4.143

This is a luxurious villa in Tuscany with one of the longest lists of VIP amenities, which include (but are not limited to) a private butler, chef services, a live-in housekeeper, a gym, a sauna room, a water well, and even a pool bar.

With tower-like features, a characteristic detail of traditional Tuscan architecture, Parco del Principe will make your jaw drop with seamlessly blended Gothic elements to the mix. Exuding an air or romance, through things like statues of small angels adorning the lush garden, tree-lined paths leading to the main gate, elegant, gauze-draped pergolas for alfresco dining, and elaborate, Romanesque-style fireplaces, this could be a forever stay.

The imposing exteriors with the perfectly manicured lawns and geometric patterns in the grassy areas are perfectly complemented by themed en-suite bedrooms, rustic furniture that emit an aristocratic vibe, an eclectic design starring cosy reading rooms, office rooms, multiple lavish living spaces, and balcony doors that open to sweeping countryside views.

For those fitness and wellness included, the chic mansion pampers with a fully-equipped kitchen that can host healthy meal preparations of all kinds, the steam and sauna room, and the equipped gym with the massage bed are readily available for endless relaxation and rejuvenation of the senses.

The afternoons could have injections of refreshing swims in the private pool, lounging under the pergola with a good book or cocktail in hand, strolling through the olive grove or simply unwinding at the deluxe annex or the pool bar.

What’s even more exciting? You can rent 4 of the 6 double bedrooms if you are travelling with a smaller group of people and have discounted rates. And, you may also bring your furry friends with you so you can have utmost fun with the entire family!

Final thoughts
Regardless of the type of escape you have in mind when planning a Tuscany endeavour, there is no doubt that whatever awaits on the other end of this experience will far surpass your expectations. From luxe mansions in the heart of the most arresting landscapes to centuries-old art, every Tuscany vacation is nothing short of extravagant, pleasing the body, mind, and soul.

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